Week’s Reads: Kiss of Fire and Eyes of Ember by Rebecca Ethington


Kiss of Fire by Rebecca Ethington

Fun, action-packed read. This book does not slow down once the pace picks up. The beginning is sweet and you fall for Ryland immediately. He is just so caring (but I really prefer Ilyan). You get the feeling that he knows more than he lets on, but also guys are just like that- don’t speak much. When things start to change and the action get going, be prepared to not want to set the book down! You have to find out what happens next…… really fun book and greatly recommended.



Eyes of Ember by Rebecca Ethington

I just had to go onto the second book and find out if Jocelyn can save Ryland. I loved that this book covered so much time (months’ worth of time) but was still an action packed read. I also liked getting to know Ilyan better. He seemed like such a great protector. As a second book, it is great to get into more detail- a very well planned background! As everything gets crazy towards the end, you can just imagine why Joslyn is feeling like she is. Ugh. Now I have to wait to find out more what happens…. When will book 3 be out… July….. can’t wait 😉

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