Week’s Reads: The Ballad of Aramei by JA Redmerski and The Acropolis by RK Ryals

Review: The Ballad of Aramei by JA Redmerski ballad

We jump back into the story of Adria. She is adjusting to her new life as the threat of an enemy lies within the Mayfair household. Not only do they need to find the dark Praverian before they kill anyone, Adria also has to deal with not doing exactly what the ‘good’ Praverians want her to do when she listens to Aramei and defies Isaac’s father. I like that Adria does not do what is expected of her. She even stands up to Isaac’s alpha dominant father. It is nice to see she does what she thinks is right. Now there were a few points I was wondering why she did what she did- ie the catalyst for the war. And not knowing was a bit confusing. That is why I prefer that the view point stays with one character. Thankfully the ending notes that summed everything up- I like when the story completes itself and thought this was a nice ending to the trilogy. You get a glimpse of the world turning out okay. Good ending to the series. If you read the first two, you’ll want to read this one to know how it turns out. In general I like the author’s style of writing and found all three books easy to read and fun to read.

The Acropolis by RK Ryals acropolis

Ahh picking up a book by an author with characters you already know is enjoyable. I’ve been meaning to get to this book for a while but something always came up. If you’ve read the redemption series, you will immediately recognize the lead character of Connor (best friend/snubbed love interest from the redemption series). So we get to see what Conner was up to during the rest of the series when he was not around- he was off protecting a (gasp ;), a half-demon. Yep and he is even good at that- whether he likes anything even part demon or not. A few more familiar character drop by and whole lot of new ones show up, but either way, it was a great read. If you read redemption- you should get ahold of this one too!

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