Week’s Reads: The Dark Gifts Inheritance by Willow Cross and Souled Out by Blakely Chorpenning

Review: The Dark Gifts Inheritance by Willow Cross

inheritenceI read this book without reading the first book. I just want to let everyone know- this is part of a series but completely able to stand alone. You don’t need to read he first one to find this a great read. This is a great book because of that and I applaud Cross for such good writing. So the basic plot is that Sarah and her brother find they don’t exactly know their past every well. In fact they were actually hidden by their past and do not know about their family history of werewolves and have to deduce that her brother is one from what is going on.

This was a book was paced well and fun to read. The story clicks along well and you just have to keep reading. By then end characters enter that are from the first book, but that does not matter if you know who they are or not, the story is still able to follow along. Those werewolf fans won’t be disappointed with this book.

Review: Souled Out by Blakely Chorpenning

While this book has vampires in it, it was not a typical vampire book. They were more like the setting not the theme. The souled outbook was more about Ell’s journey and battle to keep her soul.  Ell is the cypher for the vampires, but she forgot to tell the people that made her into the cypher one thing when taking the job, she wasn’t the one they chose. Now she has to face the fact that they know and the one person that she thought would not tell them about it did.

This is a mystery type book where you are left wondering if Ell will survive not only the vampires but her sister. She has several friends to help her on the way and a love triangle starting to form, but the attraction was not the center of the story. This was more a tale centered on if Ell could survive and change to finally live her life. I personally found Ell refreshing being a defiant person- YA lit has too many passive female characters and very few mad ones. Ell was mad/rude and rightfully so. This was a fun read and those looking for a new book should check it out.

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