Scales and Legends

Published: June 10, 2017
Words: 60,170 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-941745-05-2 (eBook)
978-1-941745-06-9 (Paperback)
Digital List Price: $3.99



The siren are on the brink of war. The entire mer world has turned against them, and the other mer clans have joined together to kill off the siren. Whitney has been through night human wars before, yet she’s nowhere near ready to deal with this one. It’s not just her life or the life of her mate on the line, either. Everyone she knows in the mer world is in jeopardy. But there’s one last hope: the siren must quickly come to depend solely on their newest member, Whitney. The only catch is she might not be a siren after all.

Whitney was thrown into the mer world without her consent, but now she wants to stay. But she keeps running into the problem that she’s playing a game she doesn’t know all the rules to. As the only siren on the outside of the barrier surrounding their island, Whitney is the only chance to turn the balance for her clan. As the other clans gather to attack the siren, she just has to figure out how before it’s too late.


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